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Tomahawk Log Homes is a recognized leader in the log home industry. Our trademarked "Energy Log"construction system offers all the beauty and aesthetics of a full log home with no settling, no air-infiltration, no slip-joints, and no twisting logs!

Conventionally framed, fully insulated walls covered in hand hewn, kiln dried half logs provide your home with increased energy efficiency and greater design flexibility. This hybrid construction system allows you greater flexibility in exterior and interior designs, Mixing a variety of finishes both inside and out allows you to create a custom log home that fits your desires.

From your initial ideas to the final details the staff at Tomahawk Log Homes will take care of every detail. Assisting you throughout the design and construction of your log home is what we do!

Log Homes are custom homes. We invite you to view our log home photos and log home plans to begin gathering ideas for your log home. Custom designing a log home specifically for you and your family is what Tomahawk Log Homes takes great pride in doing.

Tomahawk Log & Country Homes looks forward to turning your dreams into reality. Imagine the possibilities...

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Log Home Design Guide

The Tomahawk Log and Country Homes Design Guide is the perfect place to start the log home design process. The Design Guide contains 90 beautiful log home floor plans complete with log home photos.

Order toll-free at 1-800-544-0636 or click here to view sample pages and order on-line.

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Featured Property

This is our property located near Pole Creek Golf Course in the Fraser, CO area, which is only about 15 minutes away from Winter Park Ski Resort. We can build your dream home on this property which is currently for sale.

Featured Home

This is an example of a hybrid home using cedar and rough cut pine siding, along with stone, log and shake accents. Click on the picture for additional photos.

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Leave all your worries to us.  We handle all the design and completion process.

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